Where do you come from?

What brings you around here?

That's the sort of question I usually have been asked, between curiosity and astonishment, by all kinds of people in Germany, where I already spent many more years than in my own country. Things get complicated when topics such as homeland and roots come up.
The music and my singing – operas and concerts here and there – probably converted me in the course of time in a citizen of the world, anyway a stranger in my own country! Yes, an authentic wandering artist sharing heart

> with the old, charming and friendly “Bergstrasse” – something like the “route of the mountains”, right there where by his landscape and Mediterranean climate Italy began, as Goethe used to say… and where I saw my son growing up…

> with such an amazing country, Brazil, my husband's homeland, a huge kaleidoscope of fascinating colors and cultures where by a twist of fate it little lacked for me to be born…

> and, last but not least, with this Atlantic corner where I grew up, the “City of Glass”, and where I finally returned to sing for the first time and to listen to “the most beautiful sea sound of the world”, as they say.  

That's why the music of these three countries occupies a position of honor in my concert repertoire making me feel as a kind of musical ambassador, who is trying to offer to the audience the opportunity to enjoy unusual pieces in a Lied program.