When walking through, among other masterpieces, the Aria from Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5, which Carmen Duran had already sung on different occasions, first in the International Spring Festival (Musikfestival Heidelberger Frühling) with orchestral accompaniment (8 Cellos of Philharmonisches Orchester Heidelberg), then repeated on several occasions, and in recitals with piano and guitar accompaniment, we immediately realized that the solution would be to concentrate on the work of Villa-Lobos preparing a full program as an artistic challenge to pay tribute to that unique figure of Brazilian music.

From work to work and experiment to experiment we ended up setting a program with 6 original Villa-Lobos' pieces, masterfully arranged by Alberto Conde, adding to it 5 pieces of his own with the texts also written especially and exclusively for this project.

Finally it may not be entirely superfluous to note that the method of composition of Villa-Lobos and his personal creative concept seem to invite us to seek all sorts of possibilities that his great inventions and harmonic proposals give us in order to revitalize his work or at least certain facets of it, dealing with our technical and performing conditions, i.e. differently from the classic style, conventionally known as art or erudite, with a set of instruments such as a string quartet, the 8 cellos from Bachianas No. 5 or a symphony orchestra and mixed choir of Choros No. 10, but with the clear intent of a surely valid proposal for an artistic approach which Villa-Lobos (who during his life and even after his death so little public/official recognition received in Brazil) in his unflagging enthusiasm and prodigious open mind, certainly not only would give his blessing but also his most enthusiastic applause.

So we understand it and intend to as well. So we hope, respectfully bowed before the Brazilian genius. And with great eagerness to the interested public.

( Copyright © by jrBustamante, 2012)